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Zuccini and feta cheese balls - Kolokithokeftedes

Last week I was invited to one of those, “just bring something” dinner party’s. I took along an simply prepared appetizer of black bean dip and a couple of bags of corn chips. This simple starter was totally eclipsed by a Greek guest’s,submission of Kolokithokeftedes. None of us present had previously tasted or could even pronounce it but this Zucchini and feta ball dish (simplified into English) was a great success - grrrrr. They can be eaten warm or cold but are best hot. Bite through the lightly crisp, brown outer coat and discover the meltingly cheesie, veggie interior.
After much cajoling by our hosts, she agreed to part with the recipe; her grandmother’s. I have been noticing of late that the majority of family recipes are from grandmothers, which makes me wonder what mothers are getting up to these days.
Kolokithokeftedes - Zuccini and feta cheese balls
5 Zucchinis (large)
1 Tomato (large)
1 onion (medium)
1 egg
1 potato, medium sized
1 large carrot
1 cup breadcrumbs, finely ground
1 cup flour
A large piece of feta cheese
Parsley, chopped,
salt and pepper

Grate the courgettes, tomato, onion and carrot into a colander that is standing inside a large mixing bowl. This allows excess water to drain. Crumble the feta cheese into the mix.
Work the ingredients together by hand. Take out and empty the bowl of liquid and transfer contents of colander to bowl. Break the egg into the bowl , add the feta, chopped herbs and salt and pepper. Continue to mix with fingers dding breadcrumbs and flour (slowly), Add turmeric..
The feta, flour and breadcrumbs will melt and blend into the liquid, creating a smooth texture. Add a little flour if necessary. Now you have a smooth, but not runny consistency. Allow to stand in the fridge for an hour.
The mixture will leak, so add more flour to return to correct consistency. Scoop out patties with a spoon onto a floured surface. The oil in the frying pan should cover half the pattie. Fry in olive oil that is hot but not over hot and smoking.. Turn the keftedes once, browning both sides. Dry fat off on absorbent paper and serve with a little yoghurt on the side and a sprig of parsley. - Fly at a Smile-Price