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Yorkshire Parkin Cake

Being as I'm from up-north I'm reet partial to a slab of Parkin.

For the uninformed few,Parkin is a traditional northern working-class cake, dating from the Industrial Revolution, although there are some Yorkshire folk claim it was an invention of the Vikings.

Parkin is a type of ginger tea-bread, known as a 'cut and come again cake', because it is an economical cake that lasts for a long time. Many versions of Parkin were made around the country, but the Yorkshire one, made with just a little fat is the one which is still made today.
Parkin was often traditionally eaten on Bonfire night, the 5th November, when we remember the attempt by Guy Fawkes to blow up Parliament. In parts of West Yorkshire the 5th November is known as Parkin Day.

The principal ingredients of a Yorkshire parkin are flour, oatmeal, black treacle (molasses), fat (traditionally lard, but modern recipes use butter or margarine), and ginger. While it is possible to find recipes that omit oatmeal or treacle, or even both, these are generally considered distinctive features of Yorkshire Parkin.


In a large bowl mix together;

8oz self-raising flour,
8oz oatmeal,
8oz sugar,
2 teaspoon ginger

Then rub in 4oz margarine

Next  heat the following over a medium flame or place in a microwave container and melt for a couple of minutes.

4oz black treacle,
4oz golden syrup,
4oz lard,

Add the treacle mixture to the rubbed in mixture

then add the following;

2 eggs whisked into 1 cup of milk

once combined put into a lined large tin or roasting tin
at 140c and bake for 55 - 60 minutes - Fly at a Smile-Price