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Written in Blood By Sheila Lowe

A Hollywood forensic handwriting expert, Claudia Rose, finds herself unwillingly entangled in the private life of her client, the young and beautiful Paige Sorensen. Paige’s much older husband, Torg, has died of a stroke, leaving her his entire estate and the Sorensen Academy, a school for girls with ‘special emotional needs’.
Paige’s stepchildren, who are older than her, are furious about their father’s will and have accused her of forging his signature. Bert Falkenberg, Paige’s assistant at the school, however, claimed to be present when the ailing Torg signed it. Now it is up to Claudia to determine the genuineness of the signature on the will.

After meticulous examination, Claudia affirms that the signature on the will is indeed Torg’s, which means that Paige won the case and she gets to keep her inheritance. The children are even more furious and sent one too many a threat to both Claudia and Paige.
Claudia also becomes extremely concerned with a student from the academy, Annabelle Lee, a rebellious young girl who once attempted suicide. She learns that Annabelle’s mother died when she was younger and her film producer father who only cares about reputation and making the next big hit.
Throughout the novel, more revelations dawn upon Claudia, so much more than she can handle. When Paige and Annabelle go missing, Claudia goes all out to find them, concerned with their safety, especially Annabelle’s. Deciding that she’s on her own, Claudia also brushes off all warnings from her detective boyfriend, Jovanic, who claims that Annabelle is only using her.
Written In Blood  is a forensic handwriting mystery that will keep you turning the pages fast to find out what’s next. I’ve not read any kind of handwriting mystery before but I can say this was an enjoyable and enlightening book. There is so much to be learned from a person’s handwriting.
The title may be a put-off for some people who might think that it’s a thriller with gory and bloody scenes. Before reading the book’s summary, I thought that way too. Well, there is one such scene but I’m sure most readers can handle it.
The author, Sheila Lowe, is also a court-qualified handwriting expert. She has three other mystery books featuring Claudia Rose – Poison Pen , Last Writes  and Dead Write .
***Thanks to Sheila Lowe for sending me this book for review.

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