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Women prefer dating knightly men

Pay attention guys! Girls are looking for the quality of a knight in you- courtesy, chivalry and gallantry towards women. However much the times change and preferences change; when it comes to relationships, women are not going to change the basics on their checklist of qualities needed in their 'perfect man'. Choices haven't changed over the decades. Girls still prefer guys who are courteous and polite to women.

Although these days, girls are way too independent than they have ever been before, and there is a small majority who prefer to open the door for themselves and pay their own bills as a sign of being independent, a much bigger chunk occupies girls who like to be pampered. Right from opening the doors, to being nice to your girlfriends and maybe even paying a few bills, if not all; girls like men who are brave as well as soft and kind. Says design student Aashka Kapadia, "Of course we love men like that. Courtesy is a must, whether in a relation or not. And if a guy is opening a door for me, it does not mean I am dependent on him. Well mannered and gracious guys are so cool, and respectful! Paying the bills is a different issue altogether."

Boys with a good sense of humour, who are smart, who dress well, talk intelligent, know what to order when you are out on a date, score a hit with the girl and her girlfriends. Well, if you guys are searching for your perfect girl, you know what to do! - Fly at a Smile-Price