You are hereWilfred Owen: A New Biography By Dominic Hibberd

Wilfred Owen: A New Biography By Dominic Hibberd

In 1918, ten days before an armistice ended World War One, the British Army buried yet another of their brave young soldiers in shell-torn France. Not interred with Lt. Wilfred Owen, but left scattered among relatives and friends in England, was a rich legacy of letters and poems. Since published, these have established Owen as the preeminent voice among the 'pity of war' poets of the 20th century. Biographer Hibberd brings new research and interpretations to previous studies of Owen to present a new and intimate portrayal focusing on the wars that raged within this literary genius: Owen, the apostate, doubting Owen the parish assistant; Owen, the lover of men; denying Owen, the beloved of women; and Owen, the tender poet, quarrelling with Owen the trained warrior. Hibberd knits Owen's life and letters together through revelations of Owen's relationships with family, teachers, friends, soldiers, poets, and lovers. He traces the painful awakening of the poet in Owen in a fascinating narration that is thorough, warm and nonjudgmental." Reviewed by Andrew Witmer, Virginia Quarterly Review (Copyright 2006 Virginia Quarterly Review)

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