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Tortillas to Totems by Sam Manicom

Follow Sam and his trusty partner Birgit through Mexico, the USA and Canada as they embark on what will be the final part of Sam's seven year road trip. If you've read Sam's other three books, you might experience a sense of melancholy reading Tortillas to Totems, as you know that with every turn of the page, the end is in sight for Sam, and you can't help but wonder how he'll fair back in the 9-5 world.

Having said that it's not hard to sit back and enjoy the ride. Compared to the previous books there are not quite so many "oh-no" moments in Tortillas. With a number of relatives and friends to stay with along the way this book is rather like riding pillion with Sam, or Birgit and seeing first hand the sights and sounds of Mexico, from ancient Aztec and Mayan cities to the beautiful beaches of the Baja California. After a potentially disastrous border crossing, the US proves to be just as full of adventure as the rest of the world. Sam and Birigt's fears of having a far too easy ride back in a first world country and worries about their very tight budget, are put to rest with the aid of a "free campaing" guide and a firm commitment to staying off the highways. The back routes lead the intrepid pair through some amazing countryside and are a reminder to us Europeans of what it's like to live in a vast country that encompases nearly every type of terrain known to man, from deserts to snow covered mountains, prairie to rain forest, you can experience it all just by driving from the south to the north. Birgit's desire to drive to Alaska sadly doesn't come to fruition. But to be honest - I had my doubts from the start. On a tight budget and without those invaluable heated hand muffs, it had seemed rather unlikely. And on the upside - as Sam often points out - it mean another adevnture in the future.

If you're a fan of travel writers, bikes and stories of endurance - you'll love Sam's books. As you work your way through the book don't be surprised to find unexpected questions popping into your head like, "I wonder how long it would take to learn how to ride a bike?", or "What if I went travelling in my summer holidays instead of that trip to Majorca I've got planned?" Take a trip with Sam and Birgit and be inspired and if the travel bug starts to nibble, read Sam's other books and you can be sure it will get an even firmer grip and have you planning your trip for real.

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