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Toasting through the ages

Toast has been around for centuries. Originally developed as a means of preserving stale bread, this method of cooking has been keeping the wolf from the door since before the Romans.
Yet it wasn't until the 1930s that automatic toasters first came to Britain, developing from the electric toasters created in the United States during the late nineteenth century.
A British business, founded in 1952, Russell Hobbs' experience in the field of toasting bread is proven by their excellent range of toasters found online.
With the rise of healthy breakfasting, their wide selection will more than meet the daily strains of modern life. What better way to celebrate brisk mornings than with a crisp piece of toast, topped with a bit of butter and your favourite jam?
Or perhaps a quick, sustaining breakfast is called for. More creative methods of enjoying toast have become more popular, too. A nostalgic favourite in Britain, fondly recreated by adults every day, is slightly-buttered toast soldiers peaking out of a soft-boiled egg. And with bagels growing in popularity, the toasting market has expanded in recent years.
From children to adults and students, toasters will always be deeply loved in British homes. If a more stylish appliance is sought, Russell Hobbs' glass touch toasters lend a certain elegance to the household staple. And their retro Heritage Farmhouse toasters appeal to those searching for the more vintage look.
By combining practicality, elegance and good prices, Russell Hobbs' British ingenuity will be keeping toast firmly in peoples' minds and stomachs for many a generation to come. - Fly at a Smile-Price