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Mexico is a wonderful country with the most hospitable of people. Despite the recent drug cartels’ activity in tourist spots such as Acapulco a tourist can still travel unharmed in the majority of the country. The main trouble areas are on or near the Mexican/US border. If you’ve a taste for real action and you won’t mind being caught in the crossfire,  take a trip to Jaurez, Frontera, Nuevo Laredo or other border towns where the wild west still is being acted out - but the sherrffs are losing.

Scroll down this selection of just some of the action reported by the Mexican press over a recent three day period. After reading this and you still be planning your Mexican adventure, get yourself  the appropriate travel gear – body armour and an M16.

Frontera (Mexico) 2/14/2011
Police Commander Executed in Nuevo León
(Monterrey, Nuevo León) Salcido Homero Treviño, director of the Center for Comprehensive Coordination, Control, Command, Communications and Computing (C5) of the Ministry of Security (Intelligence) was executed and his murderers then burned the vehicle where they left it in the center of Monterrey, authorities said Monday. Inside a Jeep Grand Cherokee, apparently with state-owned plates, his body was found, shot five times. Experts from the state attorney general’s office investigated the fire, and confirmed thatthe vehicle was sprayed with gasoline and set on fire, apparently with an explosive device. (Note: other sources say he was very senior in police intelligence.)

Diario de Querétaro (Mexico) 2/14/2011
Slaughter in Padilla, Tamaulipas, 17 dead
(Ciudad Victoria, Tamaulipas) A group of gunmen hijacked a passenger bus outside of town, and then dropped 14 passengers off on a deserted stretch of road, away of town, apparently to slow down any responding federal forces. They then went on into town, where they killed 17, including women and children. The gunmen also shot at the city hall and courthouse. The original 14 found a ride to this city.

La Voz de la Frontera (Mexico) 2/14/2011
Death Toll Increases in Cd. Juarez Bar Slaughter
A 33 year old woman shot in the head during the bar shooting on February 10 died today at the hospital. That now brings the total slain to 9 women and 2 men.

Debate (Mexico) 2/14/2011
Female Police Officer Executed in Tijuana
A municipal police officer was executed while driving near her home Sunday evening. State police also reported on another man being executed in the city. So far this year in Tijuana, there have been 68 executions; 57 in January and 11 so far in February.

El Heraldo de Chihuahua (Mexico) 2/14/2011
Massacre in Ciudad Juarez
(Ciudad Juarez, Chihuahua) A half block from the Church of San Judas Tadeo, 7 people were shot;, 4 of them died almost instantly, receiving gunshot wounds at close range, whereas 3 were taken to a hospital.  Among those who lost their lives according to some neighbors, are young people between 17 and 20 years old, who moments before had finished playing a soccer game near a park that is located behind the Iglesia San Judas Tadeo. The shooting happened during a Mass at the church. The area was cordoned off by authorities for several blocks, to avoid contamination of the scene.

Man Manages To Cross River After Being Shot In Juarez

Two ICE agents shot in Mexico
El Universal  (Mexico)  2/15/2011
Seven Accused of Slaughter Arrested
The state Attorney General reports that seven have been arrested for the multi homicide this past Sunday in Nezahualcoyotl (reported here on 2/14).  He identified the killings are due to disputes between drug cartels.  The ringleader that gave the order has not been located, but intelligence gives his nickname as “The Cowboy”.  In less than a month, there have been two multiple executions in the same municipality.  On January 16, eight men were killed by gunmen.

La Prensa Grafica (El Salvador)  2/15/2011
Fourteen Youth Volunteers Killed
The government agency dedicated to the prevention of violence is mourning the killings of 14 volunteers working with the agency,  which occurred over the past 6 months.  (Note: El Salvador has had 243 killings in 2011 so far, most due to organized crime. The Salvadoran Defense Minister confirmed on February 10, 2011 that the Mexican Los Zetas and the Gulf Cartels are operating in El Salvador )

Frontera  (Mexico)  2/15/2011
Grenade Attack on Shop Injures Nine
(Matamoros, Tamaulipas) Nine people were seriously injured, including two minors, after a grenade exploded inside a shop located in the heart of the city. The Municipal Police reported that the incident took place about 7:00 pm in a clothing and accessories shop for women.   The attack was directed against the civilian population, since that is the time of the evening is when most shopping is done. (Note: 4 of the 9 injured are between 16 and 19 years of age.)

El Heraldo de Chihuahua  (Mexico)  2/15/2011
Police Commander Assassinated in Tamaulipas
(Cd. Victoria, Tamaulipas) A rural police commander was shot and killed today in the capital of Tamaulipas.  He was driving when he stopped for traffic, and heard a shot from a gas station.  He ran toward the station, and was shot in the back.  He was identified from his police paycheck stub. (Note: This is the same general area where 8 were just executed. Most local departments in Mexico do not have vests for their officers, nor can the officers afford them.  Some US departments donate theirs when they change out or upgrade to a higher level of protection.)

Cadereyta, Nuevo León:  Heavy fighting, injuries, narcoblockades;
still ongoing now.
Matamoros:  Bomb threat on city hall (see grenade attack on shop noted above)
Nuevo León:   Zeta leader ‘The Sonrics’ captured.
Monterrey, Nuevo León:  Casino shooting; gunmen open fire, wounding two at least; target believed to be a government official & state police officer.
Blog del Narco:

16.02.2011. A US immigration and customs agent has been shot dead and a second wounded in an attack on their car in Mexico. Officials say the pair were shot "in the line of duty" on a road in San Luis Potosi, between Mexico City and the northern city of Monterrey.
Some reports suggest they were attacked after stopping at what appeared to be a military checkpoint.

Man and Child shot and burned
(Ciudad Juarez, Chihuahua) Gunmen carried out a double murder this afternoon against a man and a boy of eight years of age who were shot and then burned inside their vehicle.  Federal Police kept the family that arrived at a distance to prevent them from viewing the scene.  (Note: as with the case above, the cartels are increasingly attacking innocent people, something that has not been seen to this degree previously. We only report a few of the many killings reported in the news.  This increase may indicate either inexperienced cartel assassins just killing for the thrill, or it may be a tactic similar to that used by the Viet Cong in the Far East to frighten and intimidate the masses into silence and submission. In many smaller towns and rural areas of Mexico, for decades, the cartels have often been regarded as the benefactors, doing such things as building the town church, school or hospital. The people simply quietly ignore the drug trafficking activity.)

Mexico:  Los Zetas arrested and bank accounts seized.
Blog del Narco:

Nuevo León:  Two state police officer bodyguards arrested in kidnapping and execution of head of police intelligence; more arrests expected.
Ciudad Victoria, Tamaulipas:  Grenade attack outside hospital; no
injuries there; multiple shootouts elsewhere in the city.

Guadalupe, Nuevo León: Shootout and chase, four gunmen dead; several cars, homes and businesses were damaged by gunfire.

Tamasopo, Tamaulipas:  Police headquarters attacked with grenades; no injuries.
Mexican military seizes 12.4 tons of marijuana
(San Luis RC Sonora) Mexican military has seized a total of 12.4 tons of marijuana in this small border city. Five people were arrested in total, 6 vehicles seized (5 with plates from Calif. & Arizona), with guns and ammunition also seized. The drugs were located in 3 different locations. The 2 drivers of a semi truck were arrested when it was established on  questioning that the marijuana was transported from Culiacan to Mexicali between grocery goods in the truck.

Blog del Narco:

Tierra Blanca:  Military rescues 3 including woman & baby; 1 gunman dead.

Panuco, Veracruz:  Six heads left at police station; two were police officers there; some officers resigned immediately; Gulf cartel responsible.
Tepic, Nayarit:  One executed,  one injured.

Colima:  Marines detain 36 police officers and 11 cartel gunmen after being ID’d by arrested cops.
Monterrey, Nuevo León:  One kidnapped, three executed; grenade found.
Monterrey, Nuevo León:  Two state police officers attacked separately; shot and injured.

Acapulco:  Two federal police officers wounded by cartel gunmen.

Mexico: Government urged to suspend U.S. Mormon missionary visas


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