You are hereSimple steps you can take to reduce a headache:

Simple steps you can take to reduce a headache:

RECURRENT tension headaches that extend from the base of the skull to the front of the head are an obvious sign that stress levels are out of control. Although regular attacks could be a sign of something serious, there are simple steps you can take to reduce your stress load:
Massage: If you have muscle tension in the neck and shoulders, it is worth having a regular neck, shoulder and back massage. It will loosen up bunched-up muscles and improve blood supply to the area.
Chiropractic and osteopathy: For more severe and established problems these experts are qualified to rectify any mechanical irregularities that may trigger persistent headaches.
Kick the coffee and alcohol habit: If your intake of caffeine and booze has been rising, you need to take stock. You may think alcohol relaxes you but if taken in excess it can disrupt sleep, diminish mental performance and lead to liver damage. Meanwhile too much coffee can make you nervous and irritable.
Look at the light: Check the bulbs in your home or office aren’t responsible for your headache. Replace any flickering fluorescent lights and ensure your workspace is sufficiently well lit as eye strain will only aggravate the problem.
Change your bedding: If you feel uncomfortable and tense when you wake it’s time to buy new pillows. They should be firm enough to give the neck and head adequate support.
Relax: If you clench your jaw when stressed it may contribute to tension problems in neck and shoulders. When you feel under pressure relax both shoulders – you should find that they drop away from your ears by about 5cm. Then relax your arms and hands. You should feel yourself let go of the tension.
Extracted from The Total De-stress Plan by BETH MacEOIN (Carlton Books, £7.99) - Fly at a Smile-Price