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Saved by Wills

Prince' Wiliam's chopper plucks drowning girl from rip tide. He captained an RAF helicopter which plucked the 16-year-old to safety after she and another girl were swept out by a rip tide.
The five-strong Sea King crew had just returned to base from another mission when they were sent to two girls in distress.
Holidaymakers on the beach could only watch as the teens fought the strong tide at Silver Bay on Anglesey, North Wales.
Master Aircrew Harry Harrison was winched into the water to rescue the elder girl, who had been bodyboarding.
An RAF spokesman said that she told rescuers she thought she was about to die. MAcr Harrison said: “When I got to her, she was clearly exhausted and was going under the water for what was the very last time.
“We truly did arrive in the nick of time and managed to save this girl’s life.”
The rescue, on Thursday, is said to be one of the quickest of its kind, with the helicopter taking just 38 seconds from take-off to arrive at the scene. It then landed on the beach to pick up the second girl, aged 13 — believed to be her sister — who was rescued by a surfer.
The crew also collected a woman before flying them all to a hospital in Bangor.
William, 30 — known as Flight Lieutenant Wales in his role as an RAF search and rescue pilot — captains Sea King helicopters from his unit’s base at RAF Valley on Anglesey.
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