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Pomegranate: the ‘super antioxidant'

AN EXTRACT from the humble pomegranate is being hailed as the biggest breakthrough in natural medicine since aspirin was discovered in willow trees in 1829.

Scientists are describing it as the “Swiss Army Knife” of natural pharmaceuticals because it can do so many things – from improving heart health, lowering blood pressure, treating inflammation, reducing the risk of cancers to tackling sexual dysfunction.

For the first time they have been able to unlock the precious new extract from the seeds, skin and pith of the fruit. It contains concentrated punicalagins, a plant nutrient that is virtually unique to pomegranates. Punicalagins are mostly found in the fruit’s inedible husk, rind, seeds and inner yellow membranes, which until now we tended to throw away.

There are some in the juicy arils (capsules) but the concentrations are low and the processing methods frequently remove the benefits. Now Dr Sergio Streitenberger, head of research at ProbelteBio which made the breakthrough, said: “We’ve been throwing away the seeds, skin and the pith of pomegranates for thousands of years because they are inedible and we haven’t had the science to enable us to release the benefits.”

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