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No bake Orange Cheesecake

There are hundreds of variations of sweet puddings in England, but each pudding begins with the same basic ingredients of milk, sugar, eggs, flour and butter and many involve fresh fruit such as raspberries or strawberries, custard, cream, and cakes.
The more traditional and well known home-made puddings are apple or rhubarb crumble, bread and butter pudding, spotted dick and trifle. The traditional accompaniment is custard, known as crème anglaise to the French. The dishes are simple and traditional, with recipes passed on from generation to generation.This week why try our easy, no baking required, orange cheesecake on your guests.

Orange Cheesecake
Makes 8 reasonable portions

125 g/4 oz digestive biscuits
2 level tablespoons golden syrup
1level tablespoon cocoa
25 g/1 oz butter
2 tablespoons hot water
15 g/j oz (1 envelope) gelatine 2 small oranges
1small lemon
4 level tablespoons caster sugar 450 g/1 Ib cottage cheese
2 to 3 tablespoons double cream
1 tablespoon milk
3 thin round slices from an orange, including skin
25 g/1 oz grated plain chocolate
1. To make base: put biscuits between 2 sheets of
greaseproof paper or in a polythene bag. Crush to
fine crumbs with rolling pin. Or use electric grinder
to make crumbs.
2. Measure golden syrup carefully into a saucepan,
levelling off spoon with a knife and making sure
there is none on back of spoon.
3. Add cocoa and butter to pan. Heat gently, stirring
occasionally, until butter has melted.
4. Remove pan from heat and stir in biscuit crumbs.

5. Spread biscuit mixture in bottom of a round
20 cm/8 inch, loose-based cake tin. Level top and
press down lightly. Leave tin in a cool place so that
mixture hardens.
6. To make filling: measure 2 tablespoons hot water
into a small basin and sprinkle in gelatine. Stir until
gelatine has dissolved.
7. Scrub oranges and lemon. Grate rind into a bowl.
8. Squeeze juice and pour into a measuring jug.
9. Stir gelatine into juices and make up to | pint
with cold water. Add sugar and stir until dissolved.

10. Rub cheese through a sieve on to grated rind.
Add fruit syrup mixture and mix well. Or, put
cheese with grated rind and fruit syrup mixture into
liquidiser and switch on to blend until smooth, then
return it to bowl.
11.Put cream and milk into a basin and whisk until
just thick. Stir into cheese mixture in bowl.
12. Pour cheese mixture over the biscuit base in tin. Leave in a cool place to set.
13. To decorate when cheesecake is set: cut each slice of orange in6 triangular pieces.
14. an easy way to remove cheesecake from tin: stand it on top of a large can of fruit or vegetable
or similar. Gently pull cake tin down from c
cake. Ease cheesecake off base on to a plate wilfc a
palette knife.
15. Arrange grated chocolate in a pile in centre and orange triangles, pointing inwards, around edge of top.
Serve in slices. Will keep 2 to 3 days in refrigerator. - Fly at a Smile-Price