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Mystery of the vanishing guns and drugs trucks

Mystery of the vanishing guns and drugs trucks
KINGSTON, Jamaica, Wednesday September 26, 2012 – How can two garbage trucks vanish into thin air? And even if, for reasons best known to themselves, unknown persons wished to misappropriate the vehicles, how and where could they be concealed?
Such are the questions still being asked by baffled employees of Jamaica’s National Solid Waste Management Authority (NSWMA) following the disappearance of two garbage trucks that were said to have been acquired by the Authority last year, but never made it into their fleet.
The hefty vehicles have had a chequered career since their arrival at Port Bustamante in August last year.
They were originally part of a shipment of three refuse trucks, imported privately by an as yet unidentified individual or organisation, all of which were found to contain drugs and guns, prompting their seizure by customs officials.
The three collection units were subsequently auctioned by the Customs Department and reportedly acquired by the NSWMA, but two units from the batch left the port mysteriously and never arrived at their intended destination.
"It was as if they walked out of Port Bustamante and no one saw anything," an NSWMA official reportedly said.
The agency moved swiftly to secure the lone remaining unit, which could not be driven and needed to be towed to the NSWMA's garage in Kingston.
That unit had been stripped of various electrical parts. It still remains at the facility awaiting repairs.
As a consequence, not one of the original three vehicles made their way to the NSWMA.
Stranger yet, internal investigations at the NSWMA have so far failed to find all the relevant documentation for the two missing trucks.
It has been suggested that the paperwork may have been torched in a mysterious fire that gutted a section of the NSWMA's Half-Way-Tree Road headquarters last January.
Some agency officials reportedly suspect that vital information was deliberately destroyed following official confirmation by police that arson was the cause of the blaze.
KINGSTON, Jamaica, Wednesday September 26, 2012 –
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