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MIA in Chile

All right, so I’ve been MIA (missing in action, Rap speak) - if by MIA, you mean trapped under the snow in Magallanes, which is what happened to me. I was trapped, in Punta Arenas. “Did you have awesome adventures?” I can hear you asking. “Did you get to do awesome stuff?” you insist, understandably, because I usually do. But here’s the secret nobody wants you to know: Punta Arenas is boring. It’s an old city for old people where, if you already know the sights, there are basically only two things to do: You can go skiing or you can go out to eat.

Skiing is admittedly awesome but not much of a thing to write about, so I won’t. Eating is really fun too but you can only go out to eat so many times before you feel 40 years older and/or broke. As I said, it’s a beautiful city, but it’s an old-people city with old-people things to do. On that front, Puerto Natales has it beat. For whatever reason, it has a much younger vibe than the region’s capital, even if it still fails to be that big of a scene, for obvious reasons (e.g. it fails to be that big of a city). Still, if you want to feel your age, Puerto Natales is probably the place to be.
So, where are you going with this? I’m not really sure either but I guess I owed you guys some sort of explanation for my absence. I should also tell you to bookmark this particular column because this is the closest thing to an apology I have probably ever written or ever will write, so you can just preserve it for future generations. When it’s their turn to be excessively offended by my words, you can whip this baby out and remind yourself of the warm feeling you’d be getting if I was actually there to sort of apologize about it, except not really.
But anyways, if you are ever trapped under the snow in Punta Arenas and are not skiing or seeing the sights or otherwise being a tourist, remember these places:
Damiana Elena
Magallanes 341
This may very well be the best restaurant in town. It has good attention, a very good wine selection, superb pastas, a great ambiance. Ask for the specials and they will not disappoint.
La Marmita
Plaza Zampaio
I already did a bit on this one over here and it tends to be in the way of tourist packages, so my bet is you’ll get to it whether I recommend it or not. Still, it’s a solid choice.
Donde Mariano
O’Higgins 504
You fancy some good seafood? This is where you want to be. With a modest but good wine selection, good service and simple but flavorful preparations; just ask Mariano what’s good and fresh and it will very much deliver.
La Luna
O’Higgins 1017
The best Pisco Sour in Punta Arenas, coupled with a really great atmosphere and good Mediterranean food. Their chicken pil-pil and steak a la vasca are particularly memorable. It’s a trendier choice than most other places too, but that’s not saying much I suppose.
El Remezón
21 de Mayo 1469
This is a good place, with a good selection of food and wine. El Remezón is very ethnic in its approach to flavor and appropriately localized to Magallanes strengths. It’s a good choice.
Dino’s Pizza
Bories 557
This is everyone’s favorite pizza place. It has really good sandwiches too and if you can eat the whole “Dino’s” I can assure you, you will at least win your little brother’s admiration.
There’s a decent list, I suppose. But if you’re not 60 years old, just go to Puerto Natales instead
by Felipe Muñoz

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