Loan or Financing When Buying a Car?

 When we begin to think about the possibility of buying a car, going on a trip or even starting a college, the first question that arises is: Will I have money to pay for this car in the long run? For this wish to become reality, you must start planning as soon as possible, just to measure the total costs and what value you must invest each month to realize it. 

In these hours, many people also end up confusing the loan options with the financing options, or even do not know the existence of lines of credit specific to each move. To better understand how it works, check out the expert tips:



If you are looking for a loan to purchase a vehicle, be aware that there are specific lines of financing for these purchases. Because it is a durable asset of great value, the amount to be requested and the time to repay the debt will also be high. Therefore, it is necessary to research in many banks and financials what are the best interest rates and the installment conditions.



Loans, in turn, are loans offered by banks and financial institutions that do not have a specific purpose. That is, you can request it and, if approved, the use of this money is free and can be employed in the way that the borrower prefers. Personal loans and overdrafts (with a pre-approved credit limit) tend to have a higher interest rate than financing, precisely because of the lack of restrictions on their application. Your approval also depends on an analysis of the borrower’s good-paying profile and track record. The greater the risk of this client not paying the installments on time and becoming a defaulter, the greater the interest for him.

Which one do you choose?

Which one do you choose?

To know which line of credit is best for you, compare the interest rates on vehicle financing and the loans that you are eligible for.
If you are eligible for a secured loan, for example, you may be able to get attractive interest rates to buy a second car. To help you search for the best interest rates, visit the IQ360 comparator. In a few steps we help you to find the best loan for your profile.


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