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Jack Kennedy By Chris Matthews

You know from the title that Chris Matthews is going to write about a personal hero. But I was surprised at how thoughtful and readable this was. I have read several other biographies of Kennedy and yet I still learned to things. I enjoyed getting to know Kennedy as a leader in WWII. Also Mathews spends a lot more time on the campaigns then on the marriage to Jackie. The setting up of grassroots campaigns for senate and later for the presidency are of particular interest to Mathews. He loves the power and and deal making that comes into play. Kennedy could play hardball with seasoned politicians and left Bobby to do a lot of rougher stuff. There are times for the mistakes like the Bay of Pigs but Kennedy learns and grows. Matthews mentions but doesn't dwell on the affairs but chalks it up to Kennedy's need for people around him constantly and his ability to compartmentilize. The book also fully skips over the assassination but moves on to Jackie as a young widow. A readable history, mild cursing and a few f-bombs (they were direct quotes).

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