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If anyone can, Jack Reacher can.

If you've read a Lee Child novel you'll know Jack Reacher. Ex-army major, he's a loner who can't resist beating up the bad guys and defending the good, wherever he ends up. Jack Reacher left the army in the late '90's and since then he's been on the road. He's not a hobo, but he travels light, very light. Every few days he buys himself new supplies as he wanders seamingly aimlessly around the US. When he smells trouble though, he comes into his element. And trouble certainly seems to find him. Whether it's a sleepy town in the pairie that's in the grip of an evil trio of brothers who traffic prostitutes and torture children, or a drug lord with a bunker stocked with WWII amphetimines, Jack is happy to lend a hand setting wrongs to right. Lee Child is prolific, he's produced 15 Reacher books so far and the 16th is about to come out. Every one is a page turner. You can't help but admire the author's ability to churn out consistently readable block busters. The secret is that his lead character doesn't bow down to a higher authority and he's a decent human being through and through. He's not sexist or racist and he won't put up with injustice. If you're squeemish be prepared - Jack's methods more often than not involve physical violence - but always against someone who simply deserves to 'get it'. If you're looking for a good read that produces satisfying results every time, choose any one of Child's Reacher books and that's exaytly what you'll get. - Fly at a Smile-Price