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Iain Banks, Transition

I am an avid reader of Iain Banks' books. Ever since the Wasp Factory I've been addicted to both his fiction and science fiction books and have each and every one - some even signed. His latest fiction book is therefore a total delight because it's a cross over into the realms of science fiction.

The book flits between parallel worlds via transitioners who work for the mysterious 'concern' fulfilling tasks that may or may not benefit the many inhabitants of the possibly infinite parallel worlds. Reviews have so far been mixed - some hate it, others love it, raving that it's a contemporary masterpiece. As an avid Iain Banks reader, its got all the hallmarks of both his fiction and science fiction combined.

An intricate web of plots and characters that weave in and out of each other without any clear connection until the end. The ideas that Banks throws out are hugely interesting - like the use of a  synthesized drug to flit between worlds; the idea of an all powerful organization overseeing the interplay of power across all worlds; or the differences between each world due to a minor changes in the geographic or politcal evolution of each world.

But many of the ideas and concepts are just touched upon and leave a lot of questions open. There could have been more about the differences between the worlds - for example, what would a world where World War one and two didn't happen look like?

It's an enjoyable thrilling romp with some interesting concepts, let's hope he continues with these ideas in a follow-up. - Fly at a Smile-Price