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The Hanging Garden By Patrick White

Patrick White's forgotten masterpiece, The Hanging Garden will make many contemporary Australian writers hang their heads in shame. It is that good. This is a book by one of the very greats of literature and it's greatness is immediately apparent.

Beautiful, dark, deep, erotic, disturbing, funny and evocative, The Hanging Garden will delight even the most jaded of readers.
It tells the story of two children sent as war refugees to Australia. Eirene Sklavos, the daughter of a murdered Greek communist partisan, and Gilbert Horsfall, a motherless English boy whose father has sent him away from the Blitz, are both taken in by Essie Bulpit, a burping, tipsy publican’s widow. They come to trust one another, are separated by Mrs Bulpit’s death, but will have intertwined destinies in the postwar world.

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