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Gone Girl By Gillian Flynn

Gone Girl By: Gillian Flynn
A beautiful woman is snared by a young man who can't believe his good fortune. She is well off and adores him. What can be better? Both are writers living in New York but they lose their jobs. In addition, the woman's parents become financially bereft and ask their daughter to borrow her money. Poor, they use the last of her money to buy a bar in his hometown which is run by her husband and his twin sister.
Amy Elliott Dunne has another side to her personality that Nick Dunne is about to discover as the ideal marriage that he thought he had begins to fall apart. When Amy disappears Nick is believed to be the cause of her disappearance.

Did he murder his beloved wife? Nick knows he didn't but all signs point to that conclusion. The police believe he is responsible for her absence. Her parents, who stand by him in the beginning, arrive at the same belief. The public and the media are likewise convinced. He wonders if even his twin sister believes it as well. Before the reader discovers the truth, the reader becomes wrapped up in endless detail.

This is a thriller that does keep one turning the pages but it roars to a pallid conclusion. I liked it but thought that someone should have spent more time editing as details are presented again and again. I know many others will like this read but I was disappointed.
RE Krause

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