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Emu Choripan

In the midst of Chile’s most sacred holiday, the September 18 celebrations, the most sought after meal is the traditional choripan. This sausage in a bun concoction would make anyone crave second helpings.
Choripan is a staple in the Chilean barbeque arsenal. Much more than mere sausages, these extremely tasty, seasoned works of art have a much stronger following south of Santiago.
The best sausages according to the locals, are to be found in Chillán, north of Concepción. In fact, if you are ever lucky enough to visit the Chillán market, you will find enough longaniza options to satisfy even the most difficult taste buds.
However, on an unscheduled stop at the many artisan stands of a well-known fair, we found Manuel Acosta and his Chilemu stand, selling a wonderful product, emu choripan.
Amazed by this genuine Australian product, we approached him while he was selling choripan to an awestruck and curious crowd.
Manuel informed us that after many attempts at bringing the emu to Chile, and numerous failed attempts at breeding this wonderful bird in Chile, Chilemu has succeeded in having one of the first emu farm in Chile, with 500 of the large birds.
The emu is Australia’s national bird, it is as common as the cockatoo. The emu appears on the Australian coat of arms and it is only found on the Australian continent.
Although emu products are nothing new in Australia, it is surprising to find emu products in the south of Chile.
Manuel explained that they produce emu sausages and emu oil which is a well-known product used in cosmetology, it is used as a hypoallergenic and even has pharmacological uses. They also produce emu meat and emu pate.
Products produced from the emu include choripan, pate and oils for beauty products. Photo: Hector Gutierrez Bocaz
Emu meat is considered to be of the same quality as beef, but with a lower percentage of cholesterol and fat. Additionally, it is known for its high levels of protein and great taste.
Manuel explained to us that before setting up his stand in Concepción, only one out of ten people knew what an emu was. He said that now thanks to this product, and the week he has spent promoting his products in Concepción, that figure will raise that figure to two out of ten.
We were witnesses to how people reacted to tasting this new product, we can say that it was positive. People were genuinely pleased with the taste of emu.
We have no doubt that the emu will have a warm reception in Chile, not only because it is an Australian product but because in terms of taste it is certainly something people in Chile will appreciate.
Chilemu will be at Horizonte Australia’s information day on October 13 at Hotel Germania in Concepción.
Written by Hector Gutierrez on September 17, 2012.
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