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Eight exercises that help

Eight exercises that help you bust the bulge
Getting motivated can be tricky, meaning we never take that leap into fitness we spend time thinking about. Two Cardiff-based personal trainers who know all about fighting the flab share eight key exercises with Kirstie McCrum
WE all struggle with keeping in shape at one time or another. Even with motivation, there are the issues of time and, if you’re looking into joining a gym, money to consider before taking the plunge.
Personal trainer Mark Tregilgas and his business partner Abbie Skene know all about the trouble of harnessing your get up and go.
At 33, Mark is a qualified personal trainer who specialises in gym, spin and kettle bell training and is experienced in giving dietary and nutritional advice.
Working alongside Mark, Abbie, 30, is also a qualified personal trainer and offers female-specific fat loss advice.
The pair are quick to admit that they weren’t always such experts in health and fitness.
“I used to work in an office 10 years ago with Abbie when we were both somewhat larger, shall we say,” Mark laughs.
“As a youngster I battled with my weight and can empathise with anyone in the same position.”
Abbie says that she has spent a long time getting her weight under control.
“From being an extremely active child, I unfortunately gained weight in my teens. As I entered my 20s I’d come to accept that I was overweight and that was just how I was built. When it came to exercise, I hated it, or the thought of it anyway.
“I had 10 years of bad eating habits, very little knowledge of what a ‘healthy, balanced diet’ was and an innate fear of setting foot in a gym because I was too fat and people would stare,” she admits.
Mark took steps to make lasting changes and Abbie followed suit. Now, having retrained as personal trainers, the pair work with clients from across South Wales to help them rediscover their own zest for exercise.
Abbie runs a female-only ‘Bootycamp’ and Mark runs a 30-plus bootcamp at various venus around Cardiff to help them reach their fitness potential.
Here they share their secrets to getting in shape and feeling great this summer.
Mark Tregilgas and Abbie Skene know all about getting in shape, having battled their own way from flab to fab over the past few years.
The training schedule they followed worked so well for them that they knew it could help to change the lives of others.
The good news is that getting in shape is in easy reach of all of us, and with a few tweaks to your lifestyle, you could wind up making this the summer you shape up for good.
Let Mark and Abbie get you back on track to a fitter, happier you with this specially designed exclusive fitness plan.
From standing, drop to a press up position and lower your chest completely to the floor. From here, push up with your arms and hop your knees in towards your chest then jump up and clap your hands above your head. This should be one swift continuous total body movement. It’s a killer.
Rest your bodyweight on your forearms and toes. The body should be in a straight line through from the head to the feet. If you feel any pressure in your lower back, your hips are probably too low, lift them slightly without spiking in the hips. No bottoms in the air.
Hands should be slightly wider than shoulder width apart, either feet or knees on the floor. There should be a straight line between either your feet and head or knees and head depending on your ability. Bend arms at the elbow until chest and tummy hit the floor together, then push up until your arms are fully extended and repeat.
Standing with your feet hip width apart, push your hips back and begin to squat. All your weight should be through your heels with your chest remaining upright. Keep lowering until your hips are below the crease of your knee then return to standing and push your hips forward at the top. It’s important to get a full range of motion in order to engage the correct muscles. Don’t let your knees be in front of your toes – when in a full squat, you should feel like you might topple backwards.
Start in a crouched position holding your knees. From here, explode out into a star position and finish back where you started. It’s one continuous movement, so your feet should explode apart and come back together in one jump.
Lying flat on the ground with your legs and arms extended, bring yourself from lying to sitting using your abdominal muscles and then continue forward to touch your toes. Return to the start position and repeat.
Standing with feet together, take a big step forward and bend at the knee allowing your back knee to come down towards the floor. There should be a 90º angle in both your knee joints without knees coming over your toes. Push off your front leg and return to standing, then alternate legs and repeat.
Lying on your side with your elbow under your shoulder and one foot on top of the other allow your forearm to hold your bodyweight as you lift up at the hips. There should be a straight line running from your feet to your head. Hold this position to work your core and oblique muscles. Remember to change sides between rounds.
by Kirstie McCrum, South Wales Echo

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