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A Crime to be Rich By David Snowdon

It can be alarming how the smallest of events can change the whole course of a lifetime. Yet this is what happened to Shane Turnbull when his idyllic life was turned upside-down by one phone call out of the blue.

On the surface of it, Shane Turnbull had everything going for him. He had movie star looks and charm, a beautiful loving wife, and Eton education and - the icing on the cake - a lucrative job as a senior fund manager with a major investment bank in Mayfair. But all of this was to change when he inadvertently killed his wife.

A Crime to be Rich follows Shane as he attempts to convince the world of his innocence, rebuild a relationship and put his wife’s death behind him. However, mysterious fate and tenacious police put waste to all of his efforts.

A Crime to be Rich is a highly moral tale in which Nemesis never seems to be far away from Shane’s back. But despite his guilt, there is always the distinct possibility that he may escape scot-free. Right until the end the reader is left wondering whether justice will prevail or if the good hand that Shane has been dealt throughout his life will continue to see him right.

This is David Snowdon’s third novel. His earlier works - Too Young to Die and The Mind of a Genius - have equally examined seemingly straightforward occurrences that mask the complexities of underlying motivations and intrigue that straddle countries and continents and that open many cans of worms.

In A Crime to be Rich, David Snowdon has confirmed himself as a master storyteller, who knows how to grip readers and leave them glued to a story until the very last page. This is a book that will leave readers wondering if the jet-set lifestyle is really as attractive as it may seem.

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