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English National Opera gets RPS award boost

ENO won the opera and music theatre category at the 

Maya Plisetskaya - Rest in Peace

 She was the greatest ballerina of her day and rubbed shoulders with the Kennedys and Hollywood stars.But it seems She was the greatest ballerina of her day and rubbed shoulders with the Kennedys and Hollywood stars.But it seems Maya Plisetskaya, a former principal dancer at the Bolshoi who died on Saturday aged 89,

A Mile Down: The True Story of a Disastrous Career at Sea

 If you've ever owned a sailboat or had a friend who did, you know how it begins: with a dream. You dream about the ship, and gradually the dream consumes you. Practical considerations lose all meaning ... until, inevitably, the dream morphs into a nightmare. David Vann is familiar with that nightmare. His begins in Turkey: a thirty-year-old tourist, he stumbles across the steel frame of a ninety-foot sailboat that cries out to be built.

Video: Pietro Mascagni's Cavalleria rusticana

In July 1888 the Milanese music publisher Edoardo Sonzogno announced a competition open to all young Italian composers who had not yet had an opera performed on stage. They were invited to submit a one-act opera, of which the three best (selected by a jury of five prominent Italian critics and composers) would be staged in Rome at Sonzogno's expense.

The Demise of the English Public House

It is hard to believe nowadays but the English public house once was one of our greatest national icons. With a history dating back to the Romans and Anglo-Saxons. pubs have always been central to the social lives of the working class. It was Dr.Johnson who wrote: ‘As soon as I enter the door of a tavern, I experience an oblivion from care and a freedom from solitude.’

Chasing the lights

Norway – just like it said on the tin; spectacular scenery, rugged coastlines, colourful houses, fish for dinner and money draining away as soon as your feet hit a fjord.

This trip had been planned to coincide with nature’s big light extravaganza; the wonderful and mystical phenomena of the Northern Lights. According to those in the know, the sun activity which causes the Aurora Borealis to put on its best show is currently at its highest point in its 11 year cycle.

A Happy Ending

A poor abandoned pooch is rescued and remembers how to love!
How could someone treat an animal so poorly? Especially one that obviously needs more care than the average animal!

#WjPPs2uDxroVm6lA.99 - Fly at a Smile-Price