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Mr Rosenblum's List ~ Natasha Solomons

Mr Rosenblum's list is a funny, touching and sometimes sad story about Jack and Sadie Rosenblum, who escape Nazi Germany in 1937. On arrival Jack aspires to become an Englishman. Having been given the leaflet While you are in England : Helpful Information and Friendly Guidance for every Refugee Jack decides that assimilation is the way forward and proceeds to live his life by the letter of the rules. Sadie meanwhile is grieving and continues to do so, not only for her family left behind but for the loss of her way of her Jewish way of life and its traditions.

Jack is 5ft 3" of tenacious, sanguine and determined man, desperate to belong and be accepted by his new nation, whilst Sadie is nervous, insecure, an outsider and determined to remain so. Slowly Jack prospers and makes his fortune in carpets and on a whim, as Coronation year approaches, he buys a cottage and some land in Dorset. Every golf club in the country has rejected Jack's application and convinced that he can't be properly English until he belongs to one... and even though he can't play but doesn't think it can be that difficult... Jack decides to build his own course and have a grand opening on Coronation Day.

It's a little eccentric, quite improbable and charmingly far-fetched. In the end the background of Nazi Germany, death camps and refugee life in the UK is nothing but a grey cloud on the horizon. The full blue sky of the Dorset countryside, a hip flask full of scrumpy made from an ancient recipe that includes jitterbug wings and the legend of the Whooly Pig, are what capture the readers imagination and indeed that of Jack, Sadie and their daughter Elizabeth. And while the underlying melancholy is always there - the overpowering goodness of the local people and their wondrous countryside are what makes your soul sing right till the last sentence on the last page.

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