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Lunatrick by Graham Frank

If you are disgusted by the conspiracy theorists who dispute the moon landings - look away now.  If your mind is open to some interesting and balanced viewpoints on the hoax versus real-thing theories, then give this book a go.  Lunatrick presents a trial-by-jury analysis of the conspiracy theory, and then presents evidence to show that there was no hoax and that Americans did indeed land on the moon.  If you, like me, were intrigued by the conspiracy, but had never delved too deeply into the background, you'll find the first part of the book fascinating and will undoubtedly start to move towards the pro-hoax camp.  But the second half of the book will bring you right back to where you started, firmly believing that NASA really did make a huge leap forward for mankind. There is a third part to the book which will leave you slightly mystified - quite unable to make your mind up about whether the author has stumbled upon something until now left unexplored, or not.  You may find the colloquial style a little unorthodox, but the obvious interest that author Graham Frank displays in his topic will keep you turning the pages right till the end.

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