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Kiri's husky adventure

A daring Wimbledon woman is gearing up to drive a dog sled from Norway to Sweden for charity.

Kiri Crequer will lead a team of huskies on the 155-mile challenge to raise money for WaterAid. The charity helps some of the world’s poorest people gain access to safe water.

Kiri, 24, is champing at the bit to get going - she starts her six-day journey on April 17 next year. She said: "I can't wait. On the first day I will get to meet 130 Alaskan huskies, and find out which ones will be my life support for the next six days.

"Then it’s over mountains of 800 metres, and through tribal lands, ice valleys and deep forests, all at arctic temperatures."

Freelance web editor Kiri hopes to raise £3,000, which will be enough to cap a water spring, giving a whole community access to fresh water. She said: “Clean water and sanitation are basic human rights. "Yet 884 million people do not have safe water to drink, and almost 5000 children die every day because of inadequate sanitation."

Since Kiri signed up for the challenge she has been training avidly. She said: "I had to get my doctor’s signature before I could register, so I know this is serious stuff. "I have gone from no exercise to swimming three times a week, and have swapped my chocolate bars for slices of melon."

Anybody wishing to sponsor Kiri should visit her online fundraising page at

You can pay by credit or debit card and the money will go directly to WaterAid. If you are unable to donate, you can follow the adventure at

For more information on WaterAid visit

Source: Wimbledon Guardian - Fly at a Smile-Price