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Going Solo By Roald Dahl

Going Solo, first published in 1986, is actually the sequel to the author’s first memoir, entitled Boy. The latter tells the story of Dahl’s boyhood in Wales, while Going Solo continues into his young adulthood, covering primarily his experiences as a pilot with Royal Air Force (RAF) during World War II. The two memoirs are now available as a single autobiography.

Whether it is Dahl’s unique “luck” to chance upon odd and/or harrowing experiences, or his ability to turn life into well-written, enjoyable reading, Going Solo is filled with unforgettable moments, truly a lifetime’s worth in a few short years.
British writer Roald Dahl is perhaps best known as the author of the classic children’s books Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and James and the Giant Peach, both darkly humorous stories. Dahl also wrote fiction for adults and short stories for magazines, and is considered one of the world’s best selling authors.

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