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Cosmos by Carl Sagan

I was first introduced to Carl Sagan at the age of 6 when the series Cosmos was televised in the UK. The overwhelming sense of joy and wonder at what it is to exist, at what it really means to appreciate and understand the world around us and within us, was re-kindled periodically throughout my life and came home with a bang when I stumbled across this book over 20 years later.

This is a work of tear-jerking sensitivity and intelligence. If you have ever felt the need to know why you have an inquiring mind, to read this book would be reason enough. The chapter on Kepler and Newton is something I often re-read not to refresh my scientific knowledge, but to remind myself that however bogged down in the minutae of daily life you can get, to be human is to be insirational and to be inspired.

Buy this book, if not for yourself then for your children, and teach them how to see the wonder of existence in a way that most of us never will.

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