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Advice for Treasure Hunters

My name is Frank Salmon I've been a Treasure Hunter, Miner, and Dowser for almost 30 years. I've truly walked the way of the Conquistadors, the 49er's, the Outlaws, the Bandits and the Ancients. I've spent many years looking for, learning about and researching the legends and history of times gone by. But to hold history in your hands has always been an amazing thing to me. 

I'm on a quest for knowledge you could say, knowledge from the past from long lost cultures and the amazing people that belong to those cultures.But knowledge is all around us if we only seek it out and only if it's used to better mankind, I believe that true knowledge should be shared with everyone.

"Life is an Adventure" I always say and it truly can be, but it's how you live it.  In the Great Outdoors there is something for everyone, every age, colour and type. There are literally tons upon tons of Lost Treasures, Ancient Relics, Coins, Gem and Precious Metal locations out there to be discovered enough adventures for a thousand lifetimes. The list of documented Treasure and Mining locations is endless, we won't run out of locations any time soon I can tell you that. You must seek this knowledge and learn from our past, not enough of us understands the vast and rich history that the cultures before us have created. The more knowledge you have the better your chances are of finding success in either treasure hunting, mining, collecting or whatever your interest are. They say knowledge is power and it truly can be. I myself seek knowledge not necessarily for profit or personal gain but to understand our worlds history which I have a great love and passion for.

There are a number of factors that must be in place in order to achieve success and research is the key factor to learning about and discovering any History, Treasure or Lost Mine location. Research is 95% of all your efforts. I can't tell you how many hours I've spent in libraries, archives and in book stores researching projects some that have taken me twenty years to achieve. It's like putting together a puzzle piece by piece until you finally see the picture. You have to take the time to find out what your looking for and where it is before you can begin your quest. Is it on private property and can a deal be worked out with the land owner, what laws pertain to the area or state where you live, are there signs and symbols pointing to the sites, what technology will you use metal detectors, dowsing or ground penetrating radar, how long will the project take, what is your budget? These are just some of the factors you will face to uncover the history and wealth of knowledge that awaits us.

One of the most important factors I believe is who you choose as a partner, and I can tell you from personal experience please be careful who you choose to associate with in this business. Find someone who has a common and sincere interest in history and what you’re doing, someone you can get along with.

You could be metal detecting old parks or beaches, hunting for Pirate Treasure, collecting old bottles or coins whatever your interest are. But you do need to know the history of the area you are working. It doesn't matter where you are looking or what you are doing in life the more you know the better.  There was tons of research I had to accomplish and onsite investigating for certain projects,  and because of my research there is no doubt it will eventually pay off. It's not all about the money folks, the most amazing adventures I've had we didn't make a penny, but the fun we had and the sights I've seen I wouldn't trade those memories for any amount of money.

I truly believe history should be shared with everyone and not only for profit by a few. Too many treasure hunters out there are stuck in their own personal gain an could care less about sharing their finds with anyone. I truly believe that recovered history and knowledge should be shared with everyone not only to better mankind but to understand and learn from our past. By learning about the mistakes that others have made in history we can avoid doing the same.

My life is has been about achieving goals and I've achieved some major personal goals in my own life, I almost lost my life on several adventures seeking this knowledge and history. Actually my military training and my own preparation and research has kept me safe I believe. I've never lost anyone on an adventure and have never gotten into a situation I couldn't get out of, and let me tell you folks it was really close there a few times.
Frank Salmon
Mining Consultant, Treasure Hunter,

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