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The Collaborator By Margaret Leroy

This is one woman's private war...1940, and Vivienne de la Mare waits nervously. The island trembles to the sound of bombs on the French mainland. It will be Guernsey next. And everyone knows that the N.azis are monsters. Except that the officers who occupy the abandoned house nearby don't seem evil. Vivienne's developing relationship with Captain Lehmann doesn't go unnoticed. She's threatened by an anonymous letter and knows that the other islanders are watching her. But she and her captain are safe.

The reality of war cannot touch the world they have built together. Until Vivienne witnesses the casual, brutal murder of a slave-worker in a Guernsey prison camp. Then her young daughter begins to talk about a ghost, and Vivienne realises that her own child is brave enough to help one of the prisoners. Vivienne's sure that, in a time of war, you do what you have to do - keep your head down, try not to be noticed. But she can't ignore the starving boy her daughter has befriended. And her choice to help will have terrifying consequences.

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