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Buena Vista Social Club to record new album

The recording of a new album is the most important project, in a short term, for the world-renowned Cuban traditional music group Buena Vista Social Club.
In a press conference on Wednesday, Jesus Ramos, director of the legendary group, explained that the CD, still without a title, will follow the earlier work of the group, which had, as members, icons of national culture like Ruben Gonzales, Ibrahim Ferrer, Pio Leyva and Compay Segundo.
Included in the new album will be typical Cuban music genres, such as the son rhythm, the cha-cha-cha, the danzon and the guaracha, but the novelty will be in the pieces, some of which are not found in any album by the Buena Vista Social Club, he pointed out.
The recording of the disc, added Ramos, will be made with the World Circuit Company, the group’s label since its creation in 1996.
He also referred to the tour of Europe that the group will undertake by the end of the year, where it is welcomed by both the public and critics.

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