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Better Late than Never

I have long forgotten who passed on to me the erudite  advice that, “One should never despair  as long as you have credit with your  tailor.” But I was  reminded  of this facetious statement recently when a  then budding – now successful – American author I made this to some thirty years ago, contacted me via this website .
Earlier on in the week, this  long forgotten sage’s words came back to haunt me. I was in the process of  throwing out some of my old clothes, including jackets, which either no longer meet around my waist or went out of fashion aeons ago. In vain I made a final attempt to button my once favourite, brown Harris tweed, hacking jacket .  As I was reluctantly adding it to the growing heap of now unfashionable rags, I spied the name, still firmly attached onto the left inside pocket, The Tailor Shop, West Vancouver.
It was forty-two years ago, while looking for a country I would like to settle in, I dossed down for a few months in Vancouver. And It was there that I somehow befriended the owner of the above named business . This kind-hearted gentleman, feeling sorry for my lack of clothes suitable for the approaching Canadian winter, generously presented me with the jacket, to be paid for, he said, “When you eventually become a wealthy man.”
Until today I had completely, (perhaps conveniently) forgotten  the jacket’s ancestry but worse still, the tailor’s  kindness which I have abused,  I have since Googled the name  without success. Even though, by no way, I can be described as a wealthy man, my conscience - somewhat belatedly you might say - is pricking me. One answer which will enable me to sleep guilt free is to make a donation to a suitable charity – but which one? Do tailors have charities? Can someone help?


    Loved reading Better late than never.
    This story is too good!
    Need to find a famous tailor or haberdashery. Auction the jacket to the superrich or something for charity. It is just too infamous to fade into the sunset.
    What size is it?

    The author surely will also know the importance of having good credit with your bookie, Bank manager and wine supplier,

    Keep up appearances. there lies the test, the world will give you credit for the rest.

    Flashman - Fly at a Smile-Price