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Bermuda’s Bungling burglar embarrassed

HAMILTON, Bermuda, Friday July 6, 2012 – The “worst burglar in Bermuda”, by his own admission “embarrassed for myself”, has been jailed for four years for his latest botched crimes.Winslow “Scaley” Williams, 45, has a chequered criminal career stretching back 29 years and marked by near-legendary ineptitude.According to Puisne Judge Carlisle Greaves, who sentenced him earlier this week, he should take up fishing instead.

“You must consider yourself the worst burglar in Bermuda. Not because you have done so many of them but because you’re so unsuccessful,” the Barbadian judge said.

“You keep getting caught in the most comical ways, red-handed. The writing is clearly on the wall. You should give up your profession,” he added.

The judge ordered that Williams must serve his latest sentence consecutive to the three years he is currently serving for prowling around two homes in Loyal Hill.

Williams was famously beaten senseless and left unconscious by residents of that Devonshire neighbourhood when they caught him in the act in November 2011.

This week, he was sentenced for two burglaries that predate the Loyal Hill case. Sentencing was delayed because he was originally being dealt with at drug treatment court before the matter was eventually referred to the Supreme Court.

The first was a burglary at a house in Arlington Drive, Smith’s on April 8, 2009. Prosecutor Maria Sofianos said Bernell Richardson arrived home to find Williams’ boots in his house.

Next, he spotted Williams hiding behind the kitchen wall. Williams attempted to pull a hooded top over his head, but Richardson recognised him from having played football with him for ten years.

Richardson chased him and dialled 911 but Williams rode off on a scooter. The victim later realised a pair of his sneakers, worth $80, had been stolen.

The second crime Williams was sentenced for this week was a break-in at the Loyalty Estates home of Elisha Bean in Sandys on April 28, 2009.

It’s believed he got into the house through a kitchen door that was not secure. Williams stole $7,000 in US currency, $300 in coins, and a $500 pedal cycle. He nevertheless fouled-up again by leaving his fingerprints at the scene and was arrested in November 2009.

Williams has a total of 31 previous convictions for crimes such as burglary and prowling. He told police he could not remember the latest one, speculating that he may have been high on drugs.

During this week’s court appearance, Williams said he has three brothers and three sisters. One of his brothers, lawyer Larry Mussenden, defended him in court.

According to Mr Mussenden, Williams has been trying hard to complete drug treatment court, and his efforts ought to be recognised.

He unsuccessfully urged the judge to let his brother serve the latest sentence concurrent to the one he is already serving.

Williams told the judge: “I know I’ve made a lot of mistakes. I’m not proud of myself. I’m embarrassed for myself and my family.”

He added that he was “very sorry” and that “I’m a sick person trying to get well”.

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