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All of our five senses are triggered by pizza

? taste -- a mixed bombardment l touch -- pulling pizza slices and the 'chew' factor l sound -- bubbling cheese l vision -- array of colour and l smell -- 80pc of flavour we perceive is by smell and only 20pc by taste.
This large-scale sensory stimulation makes the consumption of pizza such an enjoyable experience.
The baked crust is the ideal carrier for the liquid and solid ingredients and its toasted flavour is a perfect accompaniment to all pizza toppings.
Mozzarella cheese is an excellent choice for pizza production because its water content is low, so when cooked it retains a variety of flavour, browning, stretch and melt properties.
Melted cheese acts like glue and holds the whole pie together and its soft, pliable texture is due to fat which also oils our mouth making it easy to chew, while carrying the mainly fat-soluble flavour compounds.
Tomatoes used in the pizza sauce have to be very ripe to give us that deep red colour and hence are at their sweetest too, adding to the taste.
We have such a huge choice of topping types from meat, cheese, vegetables, fruit etc, and colours to choose from, you can build a bespoke food product to suit you or your mood.
Salt is very important in pizza ingredients to help dough form, meat pieces to stick together and cheese to be cookable.
The 'Salted Food Addition Hypothesis' suggests that salt in food acts on the brain so that we perceive the food as 'flavourful', 'tasty' or 'delicious'. However, on the other hand, when salt is withdrawn we experience 'preferences', 'urges', 'cravings' or 'hunger' for salted food.
It has been shown that craving for pizza is satisfied by the first bite, much more so than any other bite -- so maybe smaller slices, or pizzas, are sufficient.
Advertising can alter the memories of our past product experiences so what we see on TV, in magazines or on the boxes as mouth-watering stringy cheese, succulent meat slices on a thick crust is morphed into our memory.
Bet you can name a number of pizza brands and food chains. Research has shown that participants had a greater desire to eat pizza after being visually exposed to it. Physiological responses such as salivation were also observed, even when the individual is not hungry.
Pizzas are available over such a large price range that it is possible for all age and social categories to purchase and do so regularly.
This exposure to advertising, enjoyable experience and familiarity are all factors that can lead to pizza consumption becoming a habit.
Pizzas are everything the modern time-poor society wants -- it is convenient, fast to cook and serve, easy to eat, reliable, portable and can be eaten anywhere, even on the go. That is why pizza tastes so good.
Dr Catherine Barry
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