You are here94-year-old fitness fanatic with his own workout DVD

94-year-old fitness fanatic with his own workout DVD

Meet Stan Thomas, the 94-year-old fitness fanatic with his own workout DVD

PUMPING iron for 50 minutes, blitzing the punchbag, then sweating it off in the sauna is an intensive gym session by anyone’s standards.
But the self-professed fitness fanatic who swears by this regular routine – and even has his own workout DVD – is 94 years old.
While most of his peers live a sedentary and gentle lifestyle as they approach becoming a centenarian, Cardiff pensioner Stanley Thomas insists he is as “fit as a fiddle” and showing no signs of slowing down.
Sprightly Stanley, who filmed his bi-weekly workout after friends encouraged him to do it to celebrate his last birthday, said: “I have always been fanatic about fitness.”
Intending to make the most of his retirement, the Merthyr-born grandfather-of-eight extended his home to include a fully-equipped snooker room and gym, as well as a jacuzzi and sauna.
After spending at least four minutes on each piece of equipment – including a treadmill, crosstrainer, exercise bike, speedball, exercise bench, wall bars, free weights, punchbag and rowing machine, Stanley indulges in some wellbeing.
He said: “I come down here and do 50 minutes non-stop. When I have finished, I have a sauna. I spend about 10 minutes in there perspiring it out. Then I have a shower and then I have a jacuzzi.
“And then I go into a rest room and I have got a bed with a revolving mattress so I have a massage on my back as I am lying down. Every Friday I have a masseuse that comes in and gives me a full body massage.”
Stan, who has regularly competed in the boxing ring, said: “When I was at school, I won the senior schoolboy boxing championships in London. When I was a young lad, I went to college in Denmark which was the college for PE in 1937.
“I joined the Royal Navy and did six years in physical training. Out of 2,000 applications for the first course, I was one of 35. I was the youngest and I passed top of the class.
“At one time, I was the chairman under Jack Peterson at the Area Council British Boxing Board of Control. Since then, I have been involved with many things physical and I keep up my own training with my own gymnasium.”
Despite his healthy diet and lifestyle, Stanley founded the pie, pastry and pasty company Peter’s, as Thomas’ Pies in Bedwas back in the 1950s.
The widowed father-of-three said: “I came out of the navy and I couldn’t get a job. I started in a little bakery, then I turned to pies. Of course, meat came off rations in 1952 and I could see where this was going, and it went up like this.
“Eventually, I gave it to my kids and they sold it and made a lot of money. Peter’s is still going strong.”

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